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Product Highlight – SWITCH COLLAGEN

Product Highlight – SWITCH COLLAGEN COLLAGEN SWITCH contains type I, II, & III collagen peptides from the highest quality grass-fed bovine collagen and wild-caught sustainable marine collagen to provide the greatest benefits inside and out. Our skin is made up of over 75% collagen. Connective tissue including, ligaments, tendons & cartilage is made of collagen. …

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Grass Fed or Grain Fed Beef.

It is important to recognize that ethically raised, grass-fed meat is better for you than grain-fed meat. It is much leaner than its conventional counterpart. Fat is not a problem on a Keto diet, but toxins consumed by the animals tend to accumulate in the fat of the animal. In addition to appearance and flavour, there …

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Collagen on Keto

Whether you’re new to the keto lifestyle or a keto veteran, you should know about collagen on keto! Collagen is a must on Keto What Is Collagen? Collagen may be a supplement. a bit like you’d take animal oil, B12, or omega-3, collagen falls into the identical category. Collagen, which can be pure bovine (cow) …

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Do Ketones or a Keto Diet boost brain function?

The keto diet has been looked at closely by scientists not just for helping with weight management and diabetes but for mental enhancement, reducing cognitive decline and improving mental and physical performance. In fact, exogenous (supplemental) ketones like Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) have been at the forefront of that research with NASA and Navy Seal teams. What …

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Keto & Carnivore VS Plant-Based | What’s The Best Choice?

The ketogenic diet has gained plenty of traction in recent years. Many people have reportedly felt amazing doing it while also reaping extraordinary results. What’s similar between keto & carnivore? How do their benefits compare to an entirely plant-based diet? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more! The Truth About …

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What Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals.  Electrolytes allow your body to function correctly as they carry out essential functions like muscle contractions, heartbeat regulation, pulse & bladder control, energy production, and neurological functions. If one or more of those electrolytes are deficient, you will experience the subsequent side effects: Heart palpitations or racing heart Feeling shaky, dizzy or …

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